How can I get rid of dross or slag on the bottom of my cut?
Plasma cutting dross is the result of various variables, thickness of material, output amperage, cutting speed, and standoff. With hand held cutting, there is typically an output amperage, speed and standoff for any thickness that will minimize dross, but in some cases you will not be able to completely eliminate it. With plasma units with lower output amperage capacity, dross levels are typically noticed on materials 1/8 in. and thicker. You can minimize the dross by holding a 1/16 in. to 1/8 in. standoff and moving as fast as possible for the thickness that you are cutting. You may not be able to eliminate it completely, but in most cases, the dross can be chipped off easily. Also, larger amperage units provide more power, constricted arcs and the ability to cut faster so it can provide the opportunity to minimize dross better than lower amperage units.

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