7 Tips to Improve Your MIG Welding Skills

7 Tips to Improve Your MIG Welding Skills

The following 7 tips will not only improve your overall technique, but they will help to keep you safe on the job.

1.Keep it clean – Granted a lot of the places you find yourself welding are not going to be neatly scrubbed and polished. But you need to do all that you can to remove dust, debris, rust, grease and other coatings that may prevent you from making a good weld. Always prep the area before you start and you will be amazed at what a difference it makes in your work.

2.Check your ground – if you start to notice your machine working inconsistently and you just can’t get a proper weld then it probably has a poor ground. If you do not have a good place to clamp on to for your ground then you should weld a stud or bolt onto your work area for this purpose.

3. Use the right equipment – An auto dimming helmet is a must for working comfortably. It lets you see and perform better.

4. Dress appropriately – Remember that you will be dealing with high temperatures. To protect yourself you need to wear close toed shoes, long pants, welding helmets and gloves.

5. Setup the machine properly before use – Double check your stick out to ensure that it is sticking out the recommended amount for the type of welding you will be doing.

6. Calibrate your welding machine – Before you start the real work, dial in your machine using some scrap metal. There should not be a lot of spitting and popping when you use it. The proper sound is a lot like bacon frying.

7. Choose your wire – The size of your wire is dependent on what you will be welding. Bigger is not always better.