Troubleshooting common problems

Troubleshooting common problems

If you run into these common challenges when MIG welding aluminum, consider these steps to address the problem.

Burn-through (melt through) caused by overheating the base material

· Increase the travel speed and make shorter welds.

· Move around on the part, spreading out the heat.

· Use thicker material, change the joint design or switch the welding process to AC TIG.

· Eliminate/reduce gaps.

Dirty welds

· Use a push angle instead of a drag technique.

· Increase the voltage to get into spray transfer.

· Use the proper base metal cleaning techniques, such as using a stainless steel brush.

· Check for proper shielding gas and wire alloy type.

Wire burns back to contact tip during or at the end of the weld

· Maintain proper tip-to-work distance.

· Check to make sure the contact tip size, drive rolls and gun liner match the wire diameter you are using.

Wire birdnests (piles up) in front of inlet guide on gun

· Check and adjust the drive roll tension.

· Check to make sure drive rolls match the wire diameter.

· Replace contact tip if necessary.

· Check pressure adjustment on the aluminum spool gun hub.