21 Awesome Welding tips-tricks and Techniques to Apply Today for Smooth Welding(PART2)

21 Awesome Welding tips-tricks and Techniques to Apply Today for Smooth Welding(PART2)

12. Avoid big guns as much as possible to control the puddle:

Big guns can be attractive if you are new to welding. But it is very hard to control.

If you are not experienced, you will find it very difficult to control the puddle. Always start with the small guns gain control. Later you might shift to big guns.

Special Tip: To get a more significant build-up, you can make the wire speed faster or opt-in for bigger wire size.

13. Use smaller wire for thicker material:

Thicker metal sometimes causes a lot of problems.

Using smaller wire works well for the thicker materials.

Special Tip: Generally .035 is suitable for thick materials than .045. This tip is convenient for general type welding.

14. Install wiper for clean and consistent welding and clean the equipment when striking the arc:

Ever felt the need for a wiper? Just install it.

A wiper will help you to clean the wire clean and feeding well. If the machine and welder are neat and clean, it will work for a longer time than usual and help to get a problem free weld. If the wire is not clean, it will cause a problem in the feed.

When you are striking the arc, first clean the material properly. Otherwise, your welding might be contaminated. Use anti spatter dips and sprays to keep the nozzle clean.

15. Always have extra tips in hand:

Sometimes the contact tips burn back when you are looking to start it.

It happens for a different reason, Like, it might not be clean, it might have been used very often, or even the welding position is not proper. It is a very common scenario.

So, always keep a few in hand so that you can replace those immediately.

16. Use safety equipment and be safe when you are welding:

We see lots of accidents when welding. Always be safe than sorry. The fumes, sparks might cause a problem in your lungs, eyes, skins. Use welding gloves for your hand. Lens for your eyes. Use proper helmets.

a.) Use respirator to protect your lungs:

Always try to work in a place with lots of air flow. It will help you to breathe well and be active. Use a respirator to be safer. The fumes which are generated from welding can cause long-term effects if not cared properly. Look at the color of the cartridge to understand what it is protecting you against. Change the R filters after every shift. P filters last longer if you are working near oil mists.

b.) Use proper welding gear to protect your skin:

Sometimes people tend to wear half sleeves in summer or hot condition. But do not do that in any circumstances. Always use full pants, jackets, and other instruments to be safe. Always cover the skin to avoid severe burn. Remember that, an accident may occur at any time.

c.) Protect your eyes with proper helmet and lens:

When you are working with welding, you might go on for a long time. You will see its toll after a few hours. You will feel a sudden burn in your eye or other problems. You can avoid it by using good helmet and lenses. Use auto darkening helmet to prevent lifting the mask when welding. The new models are excellent and let you keep the helmet on while welding.

17. The right length of tungsten electrode makes the solder smoother:

While welding, you must be aware of the whole scenario.

If you do not know the right length, you will not see where you are welding.

Guesswork is harmful in this sector.

When you are TIG welding, having the right length of the tungsten electrode is very important. If it is not long, you won’t see it. And at the same time, if it is too far from the surface, you might melt your rod.

So, make sure you are using the right one.

18. Choose the right size of the rod that matches the metal:

Your rods thickness should match the metal. If you are using a thicker rod, you might make a hole because of the excessive heat.

It is controllable while TIG welding. But you need to have the perfect settings and tools for that.

19. Always clean the metal before welding:

Cleaning the metal will give you lots of facilities.

This is a must for smooth welding.

You might get away with MIG welding if you do not clean the metal. But TIG is different. You must clean it properly.

You just cannot cut the line on preparation. Otherwise, the end product can be messy.

Special Tip: Always use anti spatter dips and sprays to keep the nozzle clean. Usually, you get weld spatter on the tip. If it is not clean, it might get hot, and you will not get the right feed.

20. Always point your wire at the leading edge of the puddle for better accuracy:

Getting things right is very important while welding.

You have to be accurate no matter what.

If you point your wire at the leading edge of the puddle, you will get better accuracy.

Special Tip: Keep the wire in a smaller diameter if the position is not pleasant. It will minimize the drip.

21. Have a spotter to avoid the risk of fire:

When you are working with heavy machinery, there is always a chance that things might go wrong.

When you are working minutely, you tend to lose track of surrounding. It is always good to have someone around you, especially in a flammable area.

Special Tip: when you are working, always know what is beside you and where the exits are.