The story behind a boy

The story behind a boy


What’s Topwell? Who is it?It doesn’t matter that most people don’t know Topwell.

What’s Topwell? Who is it?It doesn’t matter that most people don’t know Topwell.But you can not refuse this Topwell brand when you heared the story behind a boy with a welder, a story of the collision between chinese tech and global market.

1.A boy from southern coast in china

Southern China is a region which combines with clear mountainwater,well-developed economic and beauties. The southern economics and population had furthered north in china rapidly after Anshi Rebellion in Tang dynasty , which creats a solid foundation for a well-developed economic business area in southern now.

After the establishment of The People's Republic of China 1949,the pattern of the north is the political center and the south is the economic center had formed, and it had been continuing now.

Robin Yan, a boy from south china,has a keen sense of smell and the extraordinary business mind with the help of southern business environment and training in her business parents.

In 1998, he was admitted to the ideal University and returned their ideal professional-international trade.

In four years university , he dedicated himself to hard-work study and made a fewer achievements.This is also a special peroid when china started to carry out reforming and opening policy.At that time , some electronics like Tv,headphones were not so popular in the environment of underdeveloped ecomomic ,science. In order to improve his english , he bought a small FM radio by using her father two month salary.Every night he always listened to VOA programe in the radio on time. It had been a part of his life ,even today. He firmly believes he is much more closer to his internatioal dreams.

2.The Confused Time

However , the reality is much more cruel than he had imagined.After graduation , he always failed in different job in hotal management,restaurant area , medicine lines and so on .

Being a Boomerang Kids isn’t a privilege of him at that his age time. For livinig , he found a welding job in a welder factory optionally.

As a liberal art student , he is not sensitive to machinery.Besides he always stayed in high temperature working circumstance and beared the dazzling electric light .You may think the huge pain in physical boady and mental could beat back this frustrated young boy again. But it doesn’t. He insisted in this welding job in three years. In this 3 years time,he had found his career goal that is welding machine. It seems had been arranged with the fate of destiny in welding area.

3.Here comes Topwell

With high enthusiasm and firm goal, he left his first welding factory in 2005.He began to take drastic measures, recruit and set up his own electric welding machine studio, which built foundation for his welding machine brand into the international market.

In 2006, here comes TOPWELL

In 2007, TOPWELL passed internation CE and ROHS certificates

In 2008, TOWELL registered a new company

4.It is still on the way

It seems he is approaching global market closely when brand and company had been built at that time.

Actually, it is not.There is a old saying “Doing business is like fighting a battle,moreover it is a international market.The big boy is frustrated again.

After his massive and professional research ,he finds some good and frecise machines always come from  well-economic and high-tech developed country in global market. The welding market had been divided by some big famous brands.With the lack of technology and economic support at that time in china, the chinese welding machines almostly have no advantage in global market, just as an ant which can be whirled by market at any time.

The loss,hesitation,depression all come. He even doubt his choose but this time he doesn’t quit.

It had been 9 years that we finished the tranfer from welders machine sale’s stagnation at the begining to reveiving no less than 20 orders in one month now. We had been a international joke for our ugly machine outlook and defective techs.But then what’s that aboutIt is the 9 years when litter boy becoming a active youth.

Now TOPWELL is not so well-known by most people. It doesn’t have a high famous fame as Lincoln,Miller and so on . But we are always on the way to approach them.Someday,TOPWELL can exceed them. Today, Topwell is not only belong to the litter boy but also to chinese towell. And one day, topwell will become the world Topwell.