AC waveshape options and Benefits

AC waveshape options and Benefits

Today, we are going to talk about ac wave shape options, each wave changes the arc and puddle characteristics as well as the penetration profile.

1.Standard Square Wave

The advanced square wave waveform offers fast transitions between EN and EP for a responsive, dynamic, and focused arc with better directional control. It forms a fast-freezing puddle with deep penetration and fast travel speeds.(FAST Travel speed)

2.Soft Square Wave
Soft square wave provides a smooth, soft, "buttery" arc with a fluid puddle and good wetting action. The puddle is more fluid than with advanced square wave and more controllable than with sine wave.(Increased puddle control)

3.Sine Wave
The sine wave offers a soft arc with the feel of a conventional power source. It provides good wetting action and actually sounds quieter than other waves. Its fast transition through the zero amperage point also eliminates the need for continuous high frequency.(A soft sounding arc)

4.Triangle Wave
The triangular wave offers peak amperage while reducing overall heat input into the weld. This leads to quick puddle formation, low weld distortion, and fast travel speeds. It is especially good for welding thin aluminum.(Reduced heat input on thinner materials. Also provides for better cleaning on anodized applications)