How do I TIG weld?

Time: 2017-11-09
Summary: How do I TIG weld? "How-To Weld" Summary How do I prepare my weld joint?


"How-To Weld" Summary

1.Establish an arc.

2.Create a weld puddle..

3.Add filler metal "dip" into the puddle while pushing the weld puddle along the weld joint..

4.End the arc and leave the torch over the weld puddle to protect it until the puddle cools..

How do I prepare my weld joint?

1. Clean
Cleaning both the weld joint area and the filler metal is an important preparation. Remove all oil, grease, dirt, paint, etc. The presence of these contaminants may result in arc instability or contaminated welds.

2. Clamp
Clamping may be required if the work piece cannot be supported during welding.

3. Tack weld
Make short 1/4 in. tack welds along the work pieces to hold them together.

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