T4W Water Cooled High Performance Tig Welding Torch
T4W Water Cooled High Performance Tig Welding Torch
T4W Water Cooled High Performance Tig Welding Torch

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T4W Water Cooled High Performance Tig Welding Torch

The Arc T4W has a smaller footprint than the WP18 with 25% more power.

· Arc Wear Parts Last Longer!

· Ceramics will last 5 times longer

· Back Caps will last 10 times longer

· Gas Lens Bodies will last 20 times longer

· Collet Bodies will last 10 times longer

Bi-Flow Technology

· Re-engineered high capacity cooling chambers remove excessive heat at source

· Higher powered performance from a much smaller footprint

· Increased capacity water cooling systems

Force Cooling Technology

· A highly effective series of passages and wells force cools the collet
· The cooler running collet assembly maximizes conductivity and extends consumable life

Heat Zone Isolation Technology

· Transferred heat from the ceramic cup is isolated by a unique external barrier

· Conducted heat is isolated using large air pockets within the torch body structure resulting in cooler running torches with increased power to weight performance ratios.

Tungsten Release System

Quick and easy extension of the electrode without the removal of any other wear parts.

Wear Parts

Every component delivers superior performance for increased Arc time and lower overall production costs

Torch Bodies and Back Caps

Step change performance levels achieved with the development of revolutionary cooling and heat zone isolation techniques

Handle Sets

Fits seamlessly into the hand. "Plug and play" switch options for machine control functionality and point of sale configuration

Cable Systems

Clever material selection combines flexibility, durability and performance

Pryex Consumable Kit
Argon Regulator