Dual-gauges Argon Regulator BK3101
Dual-gauges Argon Regulator BK3101
Dual-gauges Argon Regulator BK3101



Dual-gauges Argon Regulator BK3101

Wide Application - Has CGA - 580 Tank fitting so it will screw right into the Argon, Argon/CO2, and Helium Tanks, Idea choice for MIG/TIG welding, cutting ,chemical and electronics industry

Accurate Gas Flow Gague - The inlet gauge range is 0-4500Psi/0-315Bar and the outlet gauge range is 0-30L/min. Easy to Read, Accurate

High Quality and Sturdy - This flowmeter regulator is made of high quality copper, being sturdy and durable.

Safe Design - Accurate measurement of gas. Internal safety pressure relief design.

Multiple Fitting Available -  customized for different fitting size.

Design - Combination of regulator and flow meter as one unit.

Full Copper Design

Full copper high-density macromolecule filter, filter the impurities in the gas more efficienity.

Dual-Gauges Design

Dual-gauges for easy reading.

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